Greatness by David Marquet

This is an excellent session on leadership. I have watched leaders time and time again attempt to husband information and control every aspect of the unit or mission they are over. David Marquet turns this on it’s head and discusses how he was able to get his team on track in an extremely short amount of time and move on to be one of the most effective units in the Navy.

Walk the Walk: The Critical Walk Phase

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an experienced instructor. That said, I’ve attended various types of training classes most of my life so I do have a bit of experience being a student. One of the major things I’ve learned is that I retain information best when given the opportunity KDOG_DBL_8033to use it soon after I’ve learned it – and the most effective teaching method I’ve encountered is known as crawl, walk, run.

The crawl phases is familiar to many of us; it’s the familiar classroom lecture environment we experienced in school. The teacher/instructor/professor/cadre tells (and hopefully demonstrates to) us the new things they want us to learn and give us all the pertinent information. Powerpoint, dry erase boards and textbooks abound in this environment. This of course is an essential phase, but students will inevitably fail to grasp the complete picture of what is being taught if the instruction stops here.

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Lessons Learned from Running Operation East Wind

The following page is a collection of gems of wisdom for anyone looking to run a milsim event. They are not mine, though I do agree with them and Operation Eastwind is still the most smoothly and professionally ran event I have ever attended.

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Medical Packs and Aid Bag Systems

I’ve recently been on a quest for an improved medical bag system capable of providing an appropriate level of care for the various outdoor activities I enjoy. As with most facets of life, I’m not an expert and so I begin my research into the topic by locating those who are and doing my best to learn from them. Through my quest I located the following articles written by former special forces medics, which I found particularly informative. They echoed many of the tips I’d found elsewhere and expounded on them to explain the “why” behind them. I hope they are just as informative to you as they have been to me.

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My Current Load Carry System

I originally took these photos to illustrate my load carry system for a friend whom was disusing the details with me (photo quality excuse!). Since then I’ve had enough people ask similar questions that I just decided to toss them up here so they are easier to share online. What follows is my load carry system as of March 2016:

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Operation Eastwind 8 AAR Part 6

Click here for part 5

Map to help you follow along

0676 - DyWRzBRUnfortunately, while we set out on our company wide freedom assault – US first squad was getting hammered just a few hundred meters west of our objective on HWY 27. This just so happens to be the same location that we had been ambushed two nights before and was very close to where we had made visual contact on the first day. Because of all this, it was decided we would push into that area and show the Communists what we look like when they don’t catch us with our pants down.

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