Interested in Joining a Team? How to Stand Out

I am a member of the Oklahoma Badland Regulators airsoft team. I love playing airsoft as part of a team and in my opinion it is what makes the game really worth playing. Since joining, people have asked me what our team looks for in new recruits and because of this I feel it is a good idea to share some general pointers on how to get noticed by a team.  This is simply what I consider to be good attributes for someone looking for any team to have; it’s not like I’m in charge of recruiting for OBR anyways!

Maturity. This concept goes for both on and off the field. Of course we take age into consideration here but nonetheless a certain level of maturity is required. This way the rest of the team can rely on that member to do their part on the field and not embarrass the team off of it.

Be Teachable. When was the last time you were wrong about something? We all have things to learn and I am absolutely included in that statement! A solid way to learn quickly is to pay attention to the experienced players. The quicker you learn when to talk and when to listen, the faster you’ll get on a team.

Be Active. There is no way a team is going to pick you up without first seeing you play. The only way they can see you play is for you to show up to games regularly. An extension of this is be active on your local forums – I would recommend you be active in your community for at least a few months before requesting to join a team.

Have Your Gear Wired Tight. Learning how to use your gear properly and most effectively tells teams you know what you are doing regardless of its purchase price. I’d pass over the best dressed guy for you in a heartbeat if I can tell he hasn’t taken the time to learn how to put his vest on right.

Know Your Role. Whatever your squad specialty is (rifleman, grenadier, support gunner, designate marksman) learn how to employ it correctly and most effectively. This makes you a much more valuable asset to a team.

Notice that in the above points I did not go into any specifics of what tactics you should know or what gear you should have. The reason for this is that gear can be bought, and tactics can be learned so I don’t consider them to be very important. In fact, joining a team is a great way to learn about gear and tactics because you can question your teammates about their procedures and purchases. Once you have most of the above nailed down, ask a to let you join! My experience is you can often join on a probationary basis until you get up to speed with how that squad works. You’ll never get on a unit if you don’t make your desire to do so known.

Now go out and find yourself a team!

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  1. Good article, Dirtpro. Look forward to working with you out in the field again in the Fall season. Rock on !

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