G&P Mk23 Battery Compartment Fix in Process

The only complaint I’ve had about my G&P Mk23 airsoft gun is that I have to use an Allen wrench to access the battery compartment. The last thing I need to be doing in the field is fussing with small tools so this had to change. Here is a preview of what I’ve come up with to fix this problem.


  • Velcro and an adhesive.
  •  An index card
  • Loc-Tite
  • Allen wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver.


1. Open your battery compartment and look inside. There are two metal pieces that the butt plate screws into. Remove the bottom one.

2. Cut a piece of the index card to that it is the same shape as the metal piece you just removed. Fine tune its form by test fitting it in the stock.

3. Trace the index card pattern on to male and female Velcro and cut out.

4. Install the Velcro as seen on the right and glue it in place (sticky Velcro turned out not to be strong enough).

5. Adjust the remaining butt plate screw so that it is as far in as it can go and still allow the butt plate to swivel freely.

6. Loc-Tite the one butt plate screw in place. Wait for Loc-Tite and adhesive to dry before manipulating.


Well, I have now field tested this and am not satisfied. In my trial, there was not enough Velcro to keep the butt plate on tightly. Until I can come up with a better solution, I have gone back to using the Allen screws and carrying a wrench in the field. That said, I have yet to replace my battery in the field by using my 3600maH 9.6v large type battery even though I have fired as many as 7,000 rounds on one charge.

3-29-2013 Update: I am still running this gun without this modification and have yet to replace my battery mid game – even in very cold temps. At this time, I’ll continue to do so unless I find a need to make this compartment quickly accessible.

If you find something that works better let me know! I’ll post it here and show the world how smart you are!

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  1. Is that the same card stock used for the piston-head replacement material that worked so successfully for the tan forces during OP: Broken Home?

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