Bunkerboxes Review

Bunkerboxes.com Review

A brand new bunkerbox sits below an authentic Army crate from the WWII era.

I want to begin this review by stating that I do have a hand in the company Bunkerboxes. I help in the shop and assist in the R&D of new products. If that makes me biased, so be it, but note that this reviews only include observations and not conjecture.

Company Overview

Bunkerboxes are constructed to give you the functionality and durability of a military crate without the price. To your advantage, Bunkerboxes are infinitely customizable and they provide numerous options on every product they offer. Options range from color, stenciling, sizing, and even construction material.

I will admit, the first time that I saw the prices for Bunkerboxes I considered them a bit high. However, since then I have seen the countless hours that go into perfecting each design, finding the most cost efficient way to construct it and finally creating the finished product, and now the price doesn’t phase me. In fact, i think they’re quite reasonable- especially for the high value that these products are.

I would say the one thing that sets Bunkerboxes apart from other companies is that they listen to feedback from the local airsoft community. Quite a few of their best sellers started as custom orders or modifications of standard items,

My Bunkerboxes

I own three Bunkerboxes to date and a few smaller Bunkerboxes products. My largest Bunkerbox is a gear locker made of pine which is built just like an old packing crate with individual boards. It is quite heavy (it is offered in a lightweight construction as well) but is made of very heavy duty construction. I would’t even think twice if the crate fell off the back of a truck as I know my gear would still be good to go. Bunkerboxes offers multiple configurations for interior dividers, and I did request some custom options. My crate has hangers for two kits and two shirts, as well as space for two rifles, mags and two bb boxes (ammo containers). I also had a mirror and Velcro installed to the inside of the lid and I added a holster and  document folder. The crate is clear coated inside and out, has protected locking latches and all sharp edges have been slightly rounded. 

I also have 3 products known as BB
resupply tubes that were made by Bunkerboxes. The shape is relatively close to that of smoke grenades and feature a quick release cap. They are used to carry a good amount of ammo safely with you into the field. The small size carries 750 bbs and can fit into a smoke/flash grenade pouch, double mag pouch or any similar sized pouch. The larger size holds 1500 bbs and fits in an Lc-2 ammo or smiliar size pouch. The small size is perfect for reloading mags in game and the larger size is perfect for reloading box mags. I carried two of the large size with me at all times in Op Broken Home. I found that they sped my reloads up considerably over using zip lock bags. Resupply tubes are constructed to be durable enough that you can toss them to your buddy should he run out of ammo. Most cheaper bb containers currently available would shatter if they hit a rock or tree.

At this time, the Bunkerbox line mainly consists of different sized rifle crates, but they also offer the aforementioned BB boxes, resupply tubes, patch boards and a neat folding gun/gear rack. I plan to acquire some of these in the near future and will review them once I have a chance to use them

Finally, as of the posting of this review, I am happy to announce that Bunkerboxes is offering a special $5 off your order if you mention The Milsim Perspective in your order!

You should buy a Bunkerbox product if:

  • You want quality protection for your gear
  • You want a custom case/crate/anything
  • You want to support small businesses
  • Made in the U. S. means something to you
  • You want to support the Oklahoma airsoft community

DO NOT buy a Bunkerbox if:

  • Your gear has to be in a watertight container
  • You like cheap gear that breaks regularly!

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  1. I looked at the bunkerboxes website. Very neat (and reasonably priced) stuff. I could not, however, find the bb holders descibed in your review.

    Love your blog,


    1. Thanks Joe,

      I contacted the owner of Bunkerboxes and he does have some for sale. The smaller version is $14.99 and the large version is $17.99. Feel free to contact him via the website for further information or to purchase a product.

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