DIY Dead Rag Modification

Tired of your dead rag falling off your head? Me too.

This tip comes from Dave and Mayo from OKCAG, a local milsim team. It is very simple and takes mere seconds. Grab some sticky Velcro (the hook side) and stick it to your dead rag. If your helmet doesn’t have any Velcro on it, add some to that as well. Voila! your dead rag now stays on your head, and any other place you have Velcro! If you find that the Velcro comes off your dead rag, try a fabric glue or epoxy for a sure bond. If you used Velcro with the sticky back, try ironing the rag directly opposite the Velcro to help the glue bond. Also, using a larger piece of Velcro on your rag will put less stress on the seams and keep it from pulling free.

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