DIY Single Point Sling

Want a solid way to attach your weapon to yourself that doesn’t break the bank? Read on.

There is only one reason that I run a sling, and that is to have a way to drop my weapon but keep it on my person while I use my hands for something else. I might be climbing, getting in or out of a deuce, drawing my pistol or detaining an HVT. Situations like these require immediate use of both hands and usually and immediate transition back to my primary weapon. Although I do use a 2 point sling on my G&P Stoner from time to time, I generally stray away from traditional slings as they create clutter around my shoulders and neck.

My solution is simple. I use a strap to  connect my shooting shoulder to my weapon. It has a Fastex clip so I can detach my weapon quickly and the length is adjustable. As you can see, it is fairly simple in construction. It consists of a $1 carabiner, a length of  3/4 inch webbing, the clip and some para cord.   I used basic sewing skills and two knots to put it all together, but you can replace the strap with para cord if you are opposed to sewing.

I place the carabiner just below where my stock meets my shoulder while shooting and I tie the para cord to the neck of the stock or the rear of the receiver  I like to keep the strap long enough that I can shoot comfortably from the weak side or the prone position. In order to draw my sidearm, I simply drop my primary weapon and it automatically points to the ground. If I want my long arm further out of the way I swing it up and over my shoulder to my back where it stays without moving unless I bend over. For further weapon security you could use a weapon catch on the back of your belt to secure it.

That’s it, a simple effective solution.

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  1. The only problem i have with the 1 point, is that it rubs against my neck and hurts my shoulder after a while. And no, i am not some overweight wimp. 😛

        1. Not at all, I find it to be very comfortable. That said, I do not hang my guns by the sling for long periods of time. If I am in a game, I am holding my primary weapon at the ready unless I am doing one of the above mentioned activities. I may also sling my gun if I am dead but the rest of the time I will be holding it at the ready with the weight in my hands so that I can come on target at a moment’s notice.

  2. For those who don’t know, “Fastex” clips can be had at walmart for $0.68 for 2. Look in the camping section. They also have many other rings, etc.

    You can also add a little more webbing and wear it like a normal single point – wrap around your body/neck.

    I just did this with a pair of those $0.68 clips and attached them to the top rear of my FLC shoulders. This does a great job of distributing the weight, still no sewing. I’ll try to get you a pic if you’re interested.

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