The Vision of TMP

Lately I’ve been thinking about where I’d like to take The Milsim Perspective. Not long ago some of my teammates and I got together and ended up talking about the milsim community in Oklahoma and how it has grown in the past few years…

I began playing airsoft in California in 2004 when paintball was the cool sport. There were no ops and no official skirmishes – in fact we would have had to drive an hour to find a field that allowed an airsoft gun on it and even then it was still a paintball field. My friends and I practiced our tactics by patrolling  neighborhoods at night, and participated in numerous small neighborhood games.

Photo by Unknown

I moved to Tulsa in 2006 and began playing at the Kashistan field in the fall of that year. In 2007, I played in the second “Oklahoma Invasion” and had a blast. This was my first airsoft game with objective based play and I was hooked!

Fast forward to Op Rebel Yell in September of this year. We are playing at a MOUT facility and there are three distinct factions fighting for their own interests. Teams that play together year round make up many of the individual units. Special units use explosive breaching to gain access to barricaded buildings and (literally) drag out even the fiercest resisting high value targets. Most importantly, there is a sense of purpose and an objective for every squad. I had the opportunity to work with several of Oklahoma’s established teams and I observed squads perform textbook attacks and movements that I only dreamed about 5 years ago.  OKCAG, Eternal Soldiers, D9, Coal Creek Command and ARA among others suppressed, assaulted, cleared, secured and moved on to subsequent targets. Clearly the milsim community in and around Oklahoma has stepped up its game exponentially in the last few years!

This brings me back to the purpose of this website. “Take Your Milsim to the Next Level.” What is the next level? Your next level depends on where you’re at, and this applies to everyone. We should always be looking for ways to fight smarter, always moving forward, always innovating. It has taken me 8 years to learn as much about Milsim as I have, and my desire is to pass it on.

My purpose for this website is still to create an information hub that you can utilize to become a better player much faster and without much of the hassle I have had to contend with. Want to know how to play your position? Check out the Squad Positions page. Need some gear? Check out the reviews.

So here’s my question to you. What are you looking for? Is there something you need a hand figuring out? What can I provide for you that will help you take YOUR milsim to the next level? Post up!

Thanks to KDog Action Photography for the last photo.