M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2 Build

Building a SOPMOD Block 2 weapon? Read on.


SOPMOD stands for Special Operations Peculiar MODification. The SOPMOD block 2 is a group of aftermarket weapon accessories issued to units in the U.S. military that fall under the United States Special Operations COMmand (SOCOM). This is the second group of accessories to be issued by SOCOM hence the “Block 2” designation.

My Build

  • I chose to use the G&G Raider for my SOPMOD build due to it’s reputation for superior accuracy and reliability. This has now changed because as of November 2012, G&G has changed the design of the Raider to bring the price down.
  • My raider wears the Daniel Defense RIS II licensed rail system by Socom Gear. The correct color for the SOPMOD build is a dark brown but mine is black as I was unable to get the brown one at the time of my purchase. All SOPMOD Block 2 rifles wear this rail system unless they have been modified from the end user.
  • Block 2 weapons can be seenP1070069 with the ACOG, EOTech and Elcan line of optics. I chose to run a replica EOTech 553 because it runs on AAA batteries, has no magnification and has a lit reticle with brightness adjustments. My replica is a no name brand, but it works quite well. Expect to pay around $100 for a decent optic.
  • The real PEQ-15 is an infrared laser, infrared flashlight and visible laser combination package. It is used to aim your weapon while wearing night vision, and also enables you to see in places that are too dark for night vision. This is usually mounted on the top or side rail as far forward as possible so that the infrared flashlight lights up as little of the barrel as possible. My PEQ-15 (tan box on my rail) is simply a hollow box that I painted to match my optic.
  • I chose to use the Magpul Rail Vertical Grip on my M4. This grip is not on the Block 2 accessory list but is is seen on quite a few of them. I chose this grip because it is shorter than the Tango Down grip included in the Block 2 kit and it fits my hand very well.
  • Just about every real Block 2 weapon is fitted with what is called the A2 flash hider which is standard on every M4 variant. The reason for this is that the A2 flash hider accepts the Knight Armament quick detach sound suppressor which is issued with the Block 2 kit. This is where I strayed from the purist Block 2 build by installing a replica of the Yankee Hill 5C2 combination muzzle compensator and flash hider. The reason? I think it looks cool.
  • Cheat sheets are common on real weapons, most often they contain radio protocol, ballistic information or phrases in foreign languages. Mine is taped to my stock and it contains some procedural reminders and tips.
  • The original production line of the real Crane stock had trouble with the spring on the latch being too weak and so operators were known to put a rubber band around the latch to keep it secured. This has been fixed on the most recent production lines of the Crane stock of which most are a tan color. Being that mine is black I chose to model the rubber band fix.
  • Real operators use chem lights to mark rooms as cleared or otherwise in close quarters battle. I attached some to my stock simply there to add to the “special operator” look.

There are several other accessories in the Block 2 kit that I decided not to use on this weapon. One such accessory is the Insight M3 weapon light. This piece is included in the Block 2 kit and is often used in the urban environment. My M4 is rated for field play so a light is not necessary for this weapon.

Well that is my Block 2 build as it sits today. I hope this has been beneficial to you and feel free to post any questions you may have.