A&K M60 Build


The A&K is a great performing support weapon with a relatively low price. My team, the Oklahoma Badland Regulators has owned one for quite some time and it has proven to be a solid performer. Here’s how we modified it.

The first modification that we made to our M60 was to have all the wiring gone over and properly soldered. The joints made by the factory were poorly done and came apart, rendering the gun useless. We also removed the Mossfet that allows the user to change the rate of fire and replaced it with the included jumper wire. I used the gun in this configuration in 3 games and consequently broke the bi-pod. We installed a real M60 bi-pod and forend to remedy this problem. The real steel bi-pod is heavier but I have found it to be very sturdy and worth the weight. Finally, we replaced the hop up bucking with a G&G bucking and had the gearbox shimmed.

We have adjusted the hop up to have a slight over hop for extra range and use .25 bbs in it. With this set up, we achieved roughly 300ft of area accuracy at Operation Broken Home. We were routinely able to engage from one ridge to the other and pin the enemy down well outside of their engagement range.

All said and done, this gun took a bit of tweaking to get it in the sweet spot but now than it is, it is a plastic death spewing beast!

Update: Since the writing of this article I’ve purchased my own A&K M60E3 and performed most of the same modifications. I’ts lasted through to Operation Eastwinds and a host of smaller games to include Broken Home and others. While it lacks the range of the newer Polar Star and similar HPA conversions it reliable above all else, and I can count on it under even the most grueling conditions.