The Capture

Its your first big airsoft game. Sure you’ve played a couple skirmishes before but nothing like this. There are vehicles in this game; trucks, tanks, even a chopper. In fact, you’re walking next to an armored personnel carrier right now. Your squad was picked to supplement the commanding officer’s security detail today. Initially you were unhappy about this but a few minutes ago, an admin came by and assured your squad leader you would get some action soon.

There’s a guy up in front of you a bit that seems to really know what he’s doing. He’s sporting a sniper rifle and has a backpack with one of those really expensive grenade launchers you saw online strapped to it. You decide to strike up a conversation and ask him what his call sign is. “Aguythatreallylikesairsoft” he replies. “Wow, that’s kind of long…can I just call you Guy?” you ask. “Nope, its Aguythatreallylikesairsoft. Its my tag on all the forums. You should get to know it, you’ll want to stay close to me when the shooting starts. With all this gear I’m pretty much unstoppable. On my team’s last skirmish I got a CRAZY kill streak with this thing,” he says as he pats his sniper rifle. ”There’s even a video of it on our website.” You’re impressed, this guy is on a team and has a website, that’s pretty cool. “Besides,” he adds “everyone knows hits only count if someone else sees it!” he chuckles. Perhaps, you think…but the admins told us to count every hit. On the other hand, if this is how all the experienced players play then you probably should do the same…right?

Your attention turns back to your surroundings. Until now you’ve been in a heavily wooded area but now your little entourage is approaching a sizable field. As you approach you notice it is covered in grass and two roads intersect in the middle of it. A fist goes up in front of you and everyone stops. Two members of the CO’s security detail walk out to the cross roads and look in all directions, then motion to you and the vehicle to continue. As you enter the field you are immediately aware of the vulnerability of your position. There is a slight rise obscuring your long range vew to your 9 o clock and the field curves like a meandering river out of sight on your 3 o clock. As your unit crawls out into the field, the faint rumble of vehicles can be heard in the distance. You can tell the security team is anxious, and a few of them speak quietly into their headsets. The word is passed around that the vehicles are another unit returning from a mission. The APC stops, and for the first time your CO climbs out of the APC to receive the incoming team.

Suddenly, two HMMWVs roar out of the woods, guns blazing from every door and window. You dive for cover, trying to find the HMMWVs but the grass that hides you from their fury has also cut you off from your team and your targets. You look up at the APC at your side just in time to see three foam footballs hit its frontal armor in quick succession, with more flying just past it. You remember the guy with the long call sign and attempt to find him, but as you poke your head up you see him get hit by a stream of bbs coming from the rear door of the lead HMMWV. Another stream explodes across his chest and finally he yells hit and pulls out his dead rag. You notice that while watching this unfold, you have exposed yourself and in that instant you feel a stream of bbs pepper your right side.

As you don your dead rag you take a moment to survey the scene. Your unit along with the CO’s security detail are either dead or have fled save for two brave souls that have taken a stand in the far tree line, shooting randomly at the HMMWVs. One of the HMMWV gunners has stopped firing and has also donned a dead rag. Perhaps some experienced players do count all their hits, as you can’t imagine that anyone could have gotten more than one or two hits on him. You notice the lead HMMWV has a minigun mounted in the turret and a other machine guns on mounts in the cargo bed. The trailing HMMWV has an automatic grenade launcher on the main turret mount and a machine gun just to the side of it. The rear doors are missing and two operators are spewing fire from the openings with more mounted guns. In the cargo bed, there is a racing seat facing the rear with a .50 caliber machine gun mounted in front of it.

Your thoughts are interrupted by 4 operators piling out of the HMMWVs, shouting commands at someone on the other side of the APC. Two of them secure the immediate area, while the other two escort a man….your CO…to the second HMMWV. The men climb back in the HMMWVs and pull away from the wreckage they just caused. You look up as they drive away, and can’t help but stare. As the vehicles disappear over a low rise, all that remains to be seen are dead rags of your teammates and a small green, black and
tan flag bouncing around on the end of each disappearing radio antenna.

Meanwhile, deep in the woods a small reconnaissance team packs up their equipment and prepares to make their way back to friendly lines.