9 Things You Can Do At Home to Become a Better Milsim Player

1. Practice Clearing Your House

Grab your safety checked airsoft gun and clear your house as if it was filled with bad guys. I generally start from my bedroom or front door so that my practice doubles as home defense practice. Concentrate on working the angles in your home while exposing as little of yourself as possible. Remember, you are clearing (checking every space a person could hide) not simply running in and out of each room.

2. Play Airsoft at Home

Do you have kids or a significant other in your house? Get some cheap spring airsoft guns and play in your house or in the backyard! Spring guns are rarely powerful enough to hurt anything and they cause much less of a mess. This will also help you work on making your first shot count. Are your kids too young for airsoft? Use a Nerf gun! Again, don’t just run and gun, but practice moving tactically and working the angles in your house.

3. Play Hide and Seek

Go to a park with some woods and play hide and seek with your kids. Camo isn’t necessary, you’ll be amazed at how sneaky you can be by minimizing your movement and taking advantage of the available concealment.

4. Go on a Walk in the Woods

Do you own some land? Put a backpack on that weighs a bit more than your airsoft kit and walk the fence line. Don’t have land? Walk in the local park or other public land. As you walk, think about what you would do if you were in a game and someone started shooting at you. What is my nearest hiding place? Doing this will get you in the practice of thinking in this manner in game. If you can walk off roads or trails, make note of how much noise you make while you walk and do your best to lessen that noise.

5. Shoot at Targets

Marksmanship and weapon handling are self degrading skills. This means that you have to continually practice to stay at a the same level of proficiency  The professionals that we emulate practice continuously in order to stay in a constant state of readiness should they be called into the field. In the same way, practicing with our airsoft guns will help make us more deadly in game. I suggest you set up a BB trap and just shoot at it when you get a few spare moments.

One fun drill to do is to practice snap shooting: Hold your gun in a ready position, snap it up and take a couple shots as soon as you are on target. Lower your gun to the ready position. Rinse and repeat.

6. Clean Your Gun

Yep! Field strip and clean your gun. Turn the hop up off and run patches through the barrel until it’s nice and shiny  If you have a gas gun, lubricate the moving parts and put everything back together. Re-adjust your hop up and call it a day. Not only will this help your gun shoot more accurately, it will teach you some basics about how your gun goes together. The next time something goes wrong mid game, don’t just get up and walk out…field strip your gun and attempt to fix the problem.

7. Stay Hydrated

Good hydration should be a part of your everyday life, not just something you do the day before a game. This will keep you healthier and give you more energy throughout the day. A good rule to follow is drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh. You should be peeing almost clear; if not it’s time to drink more water. Don’t forget that drinks with caffeine and alcohol count against your level of hydration, not for it.

8. Get Involved

Your local milsim community needs you to stay involved. If there isn’t a milsim community in your area, become part of the one closest to you and contribute to it. There will always be someone that needs information that you have or needs a hand with something. Field work days are a great way to get to know other players and make friends. Use this opportunity to soak up information from more experienced players and to ask your own questions. Don’t have a place you feel comfortable in? Join the Oklahoma Airsoft or American Milsim forums. Both contain a plethora of information and events.

9. Make a Cheat Sheet

Do you ever have a question on a rule or what to do in a situation while in the middle of a game? Make a cheat sheet and tape it to the stock of your gun or put it in your admin pouch or arm band. Not only will this help you resolve disputes in the field but it will add to your milsim look as many real world operators use cheat sheets in the same manor. This is a great place to put radio frequencies and maps as well.