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The Army Combat Shirt in Multicam by Massif is the current issue combat shirt for Army units deployed in Afghanistan. Retail price on this shirt is about $200 but as troops return from overseas, these shirts can be found for as little as $30 at surplus stores. At this price, I would consider this to be the best combat shirt for the money by far.

I had the opportunity to wear my Massif combat shirt for Operation Reindeer games, a full day airsoft operation. I found it to be significantly more comfortable than combat shirts I have worn previously due to the fabric it is constructed from and the fit it provides. That said, it is not perfect in design and time will tell how it will hold up to extended operations but I have high hopes.

The Good

  • Wicking material on the sleeves means your body to get rid of more heat than combat shirts that use BDU fabric on the sleeves.
  • This fabric on the sleeves is very comfortable. Honestly, I felt like I was playing in pajamas!
  • This combat shirt has low profile pockets on either shoulder I am glad that the pockets are small. Otherwise, I would be tempted to put heavier items in the pockets which would in turn stretch out the shirt.
  • There is plenty of Velcro on each shoulder for all necessary patches. There are dedicated areas for name, rank and flag patches.
  • Both wrists have Velcro adjustable cuffs
  • The collar is tall enough to prevent chafing by slings or vests.
  • The tail of the shirt is good and long. I did not have any problems with it coming untucked despite a large amount of dynamic movement throughout the day.

The Bad

  • I spent a decent amount of time in the prone position on concrete during this game. I did find that the elbow pads were not in exactly the right place for my arms.
  • I would prefer Velcro closure on the shoulder pockets. I found the zipers hard to close, as when you pull up on the zipper the sleeve rides up your arm rather than the pocket closing

The Sizing

  • I usually wear a size large T-shirt but found that a medium Massif combat shirt fit me the best. I wanted a snug fit on the torso and neck to prevent excess material from bunching up or moving around. This worked quite well for me and did not inhibit my movement in any way. This is due to the entire shirt being made from 4 way stretch material.
  • The collar is quite snug on my neck but was easy to get used to. It does not fall down like the collar of some other combat shirts.
  • I have long arms and the sleeves were just a tad short on me. This may have also contributed to the elbow pads being in the wrong place.

The Bottom Line

If you can find this combat shirt at a surplus store, BUY IT! If you wear a plate carrier day in and out, I would consider purchasing it at retail but I would definitely shop around and wait for a sale. This is the most comfortable combat shirt I have worn to date.

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  1. Got my first from a buddy in Astan, and I picked up a second for 32 dollars on eBay. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a combat shirt to wear under your PC. It will stretch, so if in doubt buy a size smaller.

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