Pantac Capsule Pack (Small)


Have you ever thought to yourself. “Man I wish I had a backpack right now!”? Enter the Pantac Capsule Pack. It packs down into a self contained capsule when not needed and unfolds easily into a small but capable backpack.


In milsim this pack could be used to carry game props or to haul gear to a respawn point. Where I feel this pack really comes into it’s own is as part of a get home/bug out/escape and evade kit. In this type of situation it would be very beneficial to split your load with a buddy who may or may not have thought to bring a backpack. This pack would also be a great item to simply keep in your vehicle “just in case”.


The Capsule pack is quite simple. It offers a zippered top opening main compartment and a smaller zippered compartment that looks to be the right size to hold a few small items
P1070123like phones, pistol mags, or multitools. The shoulder straps are simple one inch flat webbing and are adjustable via plastic buckles. Pantac included small elastic loops on the shoulder straps to retain loose strap ends which is a nice feature.  I did have some trouble making the straps slide through the buckles and would like to see webbing with a finer weave used here.

When compressed, it forms a small ball roughly 5 inches in diameter. When expanded, I was able to fit a full sized pair of boots inside, but nothing more.

Quality and feel

The primary focus of this pack is to be lightweight. As such it is made of a lighter weight Cordura fabric which is not going to be as rugged as your standard assault pack. The stitching appears to be high quality though I would like to see a bit more attaching the shoulder straps to the bag and I did notice some of the thread ends were fuzzy, indicating they may not have been properly secured.

Track Record and Warranty

1254634325_4Pantac USA offers a lifetime warranty on all of their items. They will repair or replace your item if it fails to do it’s job correctly. I have never had to use their warrenty, but I have always had good experience with their customer service. In my own testing, I had no problems with the pack in any way nor did I find any stitching that was coming loose or failing under load.


Now this pack is not made in the USA, but it does come at the very attractive price point of $27. This is relatively low for the packable backpack market and at this price I would highly recommend it.









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