Pantac Stealth Dump Pouch Small


The Pantac Stealth Dump Pouch is a great little dump pouch. It maintains a very small package when not in use and deploys in under a second.

This little dump pouch is a great size
P1070128 for many items. It could be used for an endless number of things and it can hold 6-8 STANAG magazines. That said, I would not recommend this as a primary magazine dump pouch. The reason I say this is because it lacks a reinforced rim to hold it open. What it does have is a drawstring that will secure whatever you do put in there. This makes the pouch very capable of storing items but does not lend itself to quick mag changes.

This pouch is roughly the size of a single pistol mag pouch when it is folded up. It has a single MOLLE attachment point on the back and it has a zipper which holds the pouch closed when it is not in use. My favorite part is the dual zipper closure which allows me to prime the pouch partially open. This enables me to deploy the pouch very quickly by simply P1070135yanking on the large pull tab on the front of the pouch. I was very glad to see that the pull tab is large enough to work with gloves and is easy to find without looking.

The only problem I came across with this pouch was that when I tried to zip the pouch up after deployment, the pouch would simply fold up rather than zipping. This forced me to finagle the zippers up and around the pouch before securing it. A plastic stiffener in the back of the pouch would prevent this. All in all, this is another simple yet effective design from Pantac.