Gun Maintenance: Clean Your Barrel!

stoner barrel junk

I debuted my then new G&P Stoner Mk 23 around 9 months ago and put it through it’s paces at Operation Broken Home. Since then, I’ve been very pleased with it’s range, accuracy, reliability and durability. Lately I’ve noticed a decrease in accuracy but I had assumed it was because lately I’ve been using a mix of some old ammunition. That said, I was heading out to a training exercise this last weekend so to be safe I decided to clean my barrel. I was amazed with how much gunk was inside! Above you can see the 3 dry patches I ran down the barrel and the 2 Q-tips that I used to clean out the feed tube. So the next time you notice that your beloved gun isn’t performing to your liking, you might run a patch down the barrel before you run off and throw more parts at it!

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  1. It is especially important in GBBRs to do regular cleaning and maintenance, AEGs have way more ” gunk” tolerances … the gunk Dirtpro found in his stoner, would have crippled my GBBR’s performance.

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