Training: Taking the Next Step

What sets serious milsim players apart from the average Joe that wants to look like his video game character in real life? It’s not expensive gear, it’s training.

A quick word about looking good: I am not against it! In fact, I enjoy building impressions which are kits that match a real operator’s kit down to the last detail. In my opinion, impressions are  the ultimate cool looking kits. That said, looking the part means nothing if you don’t have the training to accomplish your objective.

So what kind of training do I need?

This is going to depend on your current skill level. When new recruits enter basic training they are first taught that they cannot survive without their fellow recruits helping them. Next, they move on to learn individual combat skills followed by unit maneuver skills and finally move on to specialized skills that build upon what they already know. This is the pattern that you should look to follow. Beware of training courses that try to pass off a highly specialized skill as something you should use all the time. Having the ability to engage multiple targets while hanging upside down from a helicopter is great but it won’t help you in real world engagements!

So where can I get this training?

Sadly, good training is hard to find. The money is where the hype is and the hype is in specialized CQB skills. Low light combat courses, special firing positions, fighting from vehicles and building clearing are all the rage these days. The problem is that none of these classes teach you what do to in between these specific situations. Also, these classes can give you unrealistic expectations of how you will perform against a human enemy. This is where a good solid training course comes in.

This is where TMP comes in.

You read that correctly! TMP is now offering training classes. We will offer classes on specific dates for all to attend or you can have us to come out and train your team on your schedule.  TMP will be offering 3 different courses, each teaching a different aspect of milsim. Upcoming events will be posted here.

Milsim Fundamentals Course

The Milsim Fundamentals Course focuses on the individual as part of a team. It has been proven time and time again that teams working together beat lone wolves all day long. Learn how to make the most of your position within the team and focus on the mission at hand knowing that your teammates are watching your back. Learn patrolling techniques and movements under fire. Be part of a winning team.

Team Maneuvers Course

This course builds upon the course above and focuses on molding a group of players into a unit that moves as one. Move on to learn the basics of mission planning and the oh so critical actions on the objective. The course will culminate in the planning and execution of a student lead mission. Feel free to attend as an individual or as an entire unit.

Live Fire Training Scenario

The Live Fire Training Scenario is part milsim game and part training course. Teams will be given specific missions to conduct against a live opponent with a conflicting mission. TMP admin/instructors will accompany each team on their mission and will hold an After Action Review after each one.

Specific Team Training

In addition to the 3 regular training courses, TMP will also be offering it’s services to teams who would like some instruction at their own training events. These training events will be tailored to the topics that the trainees wish to be taught and may or may not include an opposing force as needed.

Don’t forget, perfect practice makes perfect.