Pantac Floating H Harness First Impression

The Eagle H Harness has been a favorite of support gunners, designated marksmen, snipers and reconnaissance troops for years. I was very excited to get my hands on this similar item and plan to use it myself.

H Harness Features and Construction

As with all other Pantac USA items, the floating harness is made from Teflon coated 1000D Cordura and carries Pantac USA’s lifetime warranty. This item is fairly simple in design, and includes several very important features.P1070335

The belt is divided into a left, right and rear section. Each section has flotation panels accessed by hook and loop closures in the bottom seam of the belt. The harness can be worn with or without the rear section which gives it an extremely large variance in waist sizes that it can fit. The left and right panels connect at the front with two adjustable buckles. All belt panels have 3 rows of MOLLE webbing built over 2 rows of ALICE compatible attachment points. This enables the belt to be used equally well with ALICE (LC-2) and MOLLE components.

I noticed that exactly zero of the straps on this kit have elastic loops to retain extra strap materiel. This is the first Pantac product I’ve received that is missing what I consider to be a necessity. I quickly added my own Ranger bands to my inventory but I would like to see these included with the harness in the future.

P1070333The shoulder straps attach at the front of the harness in 6 places which keeps the belt panels from buckling under load and distributes the weight evenly. They are covered in two columns of MOLLE.

The back side of the shoulder harness has a large grab handle, and a mesh panel. This  provides MOLLE real estate to attach a hydration carrier without hindering your body’s ability to get rid of excess heat. In the rear, the harness attaches to the belt by two inch wide straps and buckles.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, I’ve been a fan of the Eagle version of this kit for some time. Now that I’ve gotten my hands on the Pantac Harness, I like it even more. In my opinion, this design is the pinnacle of all modular belt kits. The 6 front points of attachment distribute weight very well. Padded belt panels and shoulder straps keep you comfortable under load and the flotation panels keep you from drowning in case you need to swim in your kit. The rear mesh panel won’t trap heat like chest rigs and plate carriers will, making this the perfect warm weather kit. Finally, ALICE and MOLLE integration enables you to attach virtually any pouch, infinitely increasing the versatility of the kit.