DIY Multicam Pattern by Randy Jacob

TMP takes absolutely no credit for the following information. We found it via a post by local milsim player Archer. Thanks to YouTube user Randy Jacob for posting it! I have provided a link as opposed to posting the video here as his comments request as seen below.

DIY Multicam Pattern by Randy Jacob

“NOTE: Please watch at on a PC to see all the annotations I made. This was based on Triggertime71’s original video using male stencils, adding my own colors and blending techniques picked up from various Multicam tutorials around the net. There’s also a more accurate way involving a second green layer but I decided this was decent enough. Shot over a span of 7 days and does not include ALL the footage, just enough so you get the point. The gun is an airsoft JG M4-S Full Metal.

Here’s a picture of my final product:
Here’s a pic of Brockiboi’s VFC 416:…
Here’s a pic of Ryan’s 260 REM:
Here’s a video of Peopistol1’s Saiga 12:…
Here’s a video of Bigsh0t456’s AR-15:…

Please Note: There’s no video of me making and cutting out the stencils for the green portions, but those are much larger, random, and sharper corners. You can sort of see them to the left when I’m cutting out the first stencils and you can also see them when I’m taping them to the gun on top of the dark brown layer. @2:05

Step 1 should obviously be, clean your gun, sand it if you want, and disassemble or mask the parts you don’t want painted. My main concern here was color matching. I went through several different cans and combinations to finally come to the conclusion that these are in fact the best possible matches to Mulitcam. Here are the colors I used in order:

1. Krylon Fusion River Rock (2 Coats) – Walmart
2. Krylon Camouflage Brown – Walmart
3. Krylon Camouflage Olive blended w/ – Walmart
4. Rustoleum Satin Nutmeg – Home Depot
5. Krylon Fusion Satin Khaki blended w/ – Walmart
6. Rustoleum Multicolored Textured Autumn Brown – Home Depot
7. Rustoleum Matte Clear Coat (3 Coats) – Home Depot

Stay tuned, at the end I show you my cans. (o_O)
Please excuse my blown out pixel.

Here’s a good example of the Multicam pattern to reference:…

Notice how the whites are grouped together, and so are the browns. The white often overlap the browns, but the browns also are out there by themselves.”