What Kind of Airsoft Player am I?

Airsoft players come in all shapes and sizes and use every imaginable kind of gear to help them with their mission, but looks have nothing to do with what separates types of players. While some of the following categories are tongue-in-cheek, the purpose of the article is to help you classify yourself as a player and find games that suit your style of play.

The Casual Weekender

The Casual Weekender is where most airsoft players begin, and some stay forever. He loves to get out for a short firefight but isn’t looking for anything serous. Hey may also prefer to play as a lone wolf and mock lesser players who want to play as a team.

The Ken Doll

The Ken Doll is sure to sport the latest in combat fashion, though he may not be able to explain how it helps him and he always carries a camera to document his heroism in battle. Often masquerading as a serious airsofter or milsim player, he enjoys a short high speed mission but if the battle drags on or he isn’t doing as well as he thinks he should he’ll walk back to the cars for a good cry.

The Serious Airsofter

The Serious Airsofter is on the hunt for a good firefight. He enjoys games such as Green vs. Tan, Capture the flag, King of the Hill and the occasional prop to go and find. He enjoys multi-day games and is in awe of large scale battles.

The Chairsofter

You will never see this individual, because the closest he gets to the airsoft field is watching the videos you posted with his gear on. Some can be a good resource on the forums but most often they forget things like murphy’s law, how much things weigh and reality when giving advice.

The Milsim Player

The milsim player is looking to accomplish an objective as part of a unit. He thrives on the idea of outwitting his enemy rather than simply out-shooting him. The milsim player often enjoys longer, slower paced games that resemble the tempo of real combat. As a part of a unit, he enjoys the benefits of being able to perform more complex combat maneuvers and tactics than players that operate alone or in ad-hoc groups. Watch out for game promoters that tout their games as being “milsim” but actually focus on creating large firefights over realism to attract other types of players.


Reinactors are on the field to recreate a specific battle or period look. They may be serious airsofters or milsim players but all put a priority on giving life to the group of warriors they have decided to portray.