Firing Position Do’s and Don’ts

As I browse through photos of recent ops I am flabbergasted at the number of photos I see of players standing in the open and firing at someone. Do they not realize that with a little effort they could have a much better chance of shooting their opposition without getting shot themselves? Perhaps this is simply a piece of the online gaming industry creeping into milsim but it’s one that needs to go.


For example, the above individual has moved out from behind cover (on the right) to engage the opposing individual down the road. He has presented a very large target which is very easy to hit especially at such a close range.


This individual was unable to find something to hide behind but decided to go prone to make a smaller target. See the difference? He is exposing much less of his body and will be more accurate as his weapon has a very stable platform.

1465230_752769434736671_215208735_nNow this is a firing position! It’s a good thing this individual is wearing a “rice paddy hat” otherwise we would have never seen him. The open terrain to his front gives him a nice arc of fire and provides him with a true advantage over either of the above options.

With just a tiny bit of effort, your ability to hit your target without getting yourself shot will grow exponentially. Remember: make yourself as small of a target as you can and surround yourself with cover and concealment when possible. If you’re on patrol (moving), watch for good cover along the way that you can dive at in the case of a firefight.

Special thanks to David Burnett with MSAT for the photos.