Getting Hit, Medic Rules and Respawn

Ways you Can Become Hit:

BB Strike

  • A BB strike on any part of your person or kit.
  • If you are wearing a backpack, it is part of your kit. If it is laying on the ground and you are hiding behind it, it is not.
  • Gun hits do not count.
  • Ricochets do not count.

Simulated Edged Weapons

  • Players are allowed to lightly tap another player with rubber edged weapons.
  • When a player is touched/tapped with the rubber edged weapon they are considered “hit”.
  • Players are not allowed to throw edged weapons.
  • Only rubber or foam edged weapons designed for training are allowed.

Safety Kills

  • You must say the phrase “Safety Kill” for every person you wish to kill in this fashion.
  • In order to take a safety kill you reply by saying “Hit.”
  • You do not have to take a safety kill. If someone does not take a safety kill you may shoot them.


  • Explosives are land mines, IEDs, demolition charges, suicide vests, shoulder fired rockets and launched grenades.
  • Explosives have a 20 foot kill radius.
  • Explosives kill a non-armored vehicle and all of it’s occupants.
  • Explosives disable armored vehicles. All occupants must exit.
  • Explosives kill everyone in a room.
  • Suicide vests may only be activated by a live player.

Hand Grenades

  • Grenades must cause BB strike to kill outside.
  • Grenades kill everyone in a room.
  • Smoke grenades must be cold burning. If you have trouble breathing around smoke, leave the area.

When You are Hit

  1. Yell “HIT”, lay down and put your dead rag on. You may no longer speak to live players in person or on the radio unless calling for a medic.
  2. Stay where you are for 5 minutes. This length of time may be changed for different game types.
  3. Once 5 minutes passes, get up and move to your¬†respawn point.¬†Yell “DEAD MAN WALKING” to alert players that you are not in play.
  4. Once you reach your respawn point you are now alive.

Medic Procedure

  • Medics will be determined by the game type.
  • To revive someone, tie the entire length of their bandage around their body.