Vehicle Regulations

Rules That Apply to All Vehicles

  • Only approved drivers may drive vehicles.
  • Vehicles are limited to 10 MPH
  • Players are not allowed to exit or enter moving vehicles.
  • Players are to stay 20 feet away from moving vehicles.
  • When attempting to take out a vehicle, aim for the windshield or front panel so that the driver can see the hit. If a vehicle does not call a hit, call an admin to your location.

Out of Play Vehicles

  • Out of play vehicles will be clearly designated.
  • Out of play vehicles will never be used to give any team an advantage
  • Out of play vehicles may exceed speed limits but will only do so in the event of an emergency.
  • Players are never allowed to use out of play vehicles as cover.

Soft Skinned Vehicles

  • Soft skinned vehicles are vehicles that are not outfitted with armor. Examples are civilian vehicles and cargo trucks.
  • A significant volume of fire to the engine block of a soft skinned vehicle disables it. All occupants must exit immediately.
  • A grenade launcher or shoulder fired rocket hit completely destroys a soft skinned vehicle. All persons inside are instantly dead and cannot be searched or healed.

Armored Vehicles

  • An armored vehicle is just that; an armored vehicle. Armored cars, APCs and tanks are examples of armored vehicles.
  • Grenade launchers disable armored vehicles and force all occupants to exit immediately.
  • Rockets, missiles and recoiless rifles destroy an armored vehicle. All occupants are instantly dead and cannot be searched or healed.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • UAVs must be approved by TMP administrators prior to use.
  • UAVs may only be used for gathering information. They may not be outfitted with weapons of any kind.
  • Never shoot, alter, touch or even breathe on someone else’s UAV.