Milsim Sunday Back Story

Enter Pineland: a fictitious nation ruled by a military dictator intent on imposing his political and religious views on his nation. The army of Pineland has sworn allegiance to this dictator and regularly commit severe human rights violations against their fellow countrymen. Rumors of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons have filtered out of Pineland as well as rumors of international terrorist training camps.

In response, a coalition of nations have formed against Pineland lead by the United States. Officially the coalition is utilizing sanctions and political pressure to force the Pineland regime to submit to various human rights regulations. Unoficially, elements of the Coalition are already in place inside Pineland gathering intelligence and preparing for a possible strike. Your actions will determine what happens next.

Please note Milsim Sunday is not a scripted event. The actions of the players that attend directly affect how the story changes over time and no efforts are made to help one side or the other complete objectives to satisfy the story.