Milsim Sunday 2-23-14 AAR

Reports of conflict are flooding out of Pineland this month.

Pineland officials report that the Coalition has invaded Pineland, calling their actions despicable and an act of war. They also claim to have shot down a Coalition aircraft but have so far been unable to produce the pilot as proof. Interestingly enough, one of Germany’s ace pilots was reported to have suffered injuries due to a training accident 2 days ago and is recovering in a military hospital at this time.

Pineland officials also report they have captured an American service member who was attempting to steal classified items from the country. Written demands for all Coalition forces to leave Pineland immediately have been given to the Pentagon in an open letter from Pineland’s minister of defense. If the Coalition does not pull out, Pineland will execute all Coalition prisoners.

The Allied Press office in Pineland provides us with information to the effect that the Coalition may already have a forward operating base set up within Pineland itself. It’s location is unknown but according to AP, an NGO doctor reported seeing an American soldier while on his way to hold a one day clinic in an outlying village.

Amidst these alligations, the United States has yet to admit to any activity within the boarders of Pineland. They point out a lack of any hard evidence to any of Pineland’s claims and urge the government of Pineland to submit to the political pressure before their options run out.