Milsim ADD and You

We all know that a day in the life of a soldier is not always fun. In a simulated military environment, the unplesent factors are still there though they are often minimized to some extent. Weather, logistics, your mission and the enemy all have a say in your level of comfort and general happiness at the moment. As such you just might find yourself cold, sweaty, in pain, or heaven forbid…..bored.

“C’mon boys, let’s get out of here and f%#$ some s@&# up!”

I’ve heard this phrase uttered by many a small unit leader at numerous milsim games. Higher has ordered unit A to take and hold a position/item/etc. They run off into the battle, send the enemy running with their tails between their legs and then set up a defensive perimeter. Often the enemy tries halfheartedly to retake the objective and eventually disappears. A few moments go by – the victorious unit sips some water, grabs a snack and might advise higher of their position.

Then milsim ADD sets in.

Suddenly, this objective that team A has so fervently fought for seems useless in the small unit leader’s mind and he absolutely must find more action. He proceeds to pull his team off the objective and run towards the sounds of a nearby firefight. Often this is done without clearance from higher and even more often without any communication whatsoever.

This causes two major problems. First of all, higher believes that they have a secure objective and may send support units to the area that are not set up to take an objective by force. Second, they now have a unit (or worse, fractured unit elements) under fire at an unknown location and they have no knowledge of it.

Is it boring to sit on your butt and hold a position that isn’t being attacked for several hours? Absolutely. Is it boring to sit in an observation post all day and write down every car, truck and player that passes you? You bet. But you know what? If your commander was willing to put valuable assets (you) on that task then it is important enough for you to sit there and do to the best of your ability.

Now, are you going to play in games where your commander is new/inexperienced/terrible and totally forgets that your unit is sitting on an objective that he doesn’t need anymore? Yes, in fact I have played under several such “commanders”. However, that’s not on you. If you’re a grunt play your part. That organization and willingness to embrace the suck is what sets us apart as milsim players. Think you can run a unit better than your commander? Study up, practice and apply for a leadership position.

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