Milsim Sunday 3-30-2014 Update

In a shocking turn of events, Pineland officials have released photographs of what appears to be dead coalition soldiers inside Pineland and claim to have1506411_520047784768268_8752433935314161403_n killed over 100 Coalition soldiers. As a result, Pineland has become even more resolute in their stance on social and political issues and has sworn to stand to the last man against any foreign invasion.

A Coalition spokesperson stated they had only recently began operating within Pineland but that they had not lost a single soldier to date. They also stated 1558482_520047818101598_943647322392803248_nCoalition forces had effected a blockade of Pineland’s only deep water port and  prevented one of Pineland’s tactical missiles from being launched into a civilian neighborhood.

Furthermore, Pineland officials continue to claim that they have a Coalition soldier in custody but have yet to release proof. Experts theorize that a private deal is being worked out for his or her return.