Pantac Tactical Plate Carrier Review

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The Pantac Tactical Plate Carrier (TPC) is a simple, reliable, low profile plate carrier that is very quick to don and doff. I find much value in it’s simplicity and reliance on proven methods along with it’s lifetime warranty.


The TPC is constructed from 1000D Cordura and Fastex buckles. It is made up of two plate pockets covered in MOLLE webbing. Each plate pocket has a Velcro and snap closure at the bottom of the carrier. I found this to be more than photo 1adequate to secure the weighted training plates that I used. The front pocket has a Velcro panel at the top for patches and the rear pocket has a drag handle. The height that the TPC rides at is adjusted by Velcro panels on the shoulders. I was glad to see that Pantac did not use buckles here as they would have been more bulky and can get in the way of a good stock placement. The TPC has Fastex buckles on either side, giving the user an extremely simple off and on option. Also included is an elastic cumberbund.


I see the TPC as an immediate access armor and firepower upgrade. It would be a perfect go bag or home defense option as well as serving those who have to transition between covert and overt operations quickly.

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Again, I love the simplicity of this plate carrier. A plate carrier’s job is to carry plates and the TPC does just that. Gone are the frills that rack up the price of so many other options.

swl_9317_s_1This plate carrier is very low profile. It would be very easy to conceal under a jacket, even with some single stack magazine pouches attached. For anyone looking for covert front and rear rifle protection that can go overt with the slide of a zipper – this is your plate carrier.

The TPC has nicely padded shoulder straps but the plate pockets are not padded. I consider this a hit (good) because of the purpose for this plate carrier. It’s a quick on, quick off deal – not a patrol for 24 hours in it plate carrier. Additional padding would have only made it more bulky and more expensive.


I couldn’t quitephoto 3 (2) understand why the TPC has a cumberbund. I could never weigh it down enough to need the additional stability and it only served to double or triple the amount of time it took me to put it on. That said, I was able to simply fold it up on the back plate and wear the TPC without it. This seems to be a much better approach. If you anticipate needing a cumberbund to secure your load you might look at a larger plate carrier with more padding.

Competitive Options

Condor MOPC: The Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier is similar in size and shape, though a bit larger than the TPC. It has more padding than the TPC and is by design a bit higher profile. The MOPC includes a full cumberbund, but can be worn without it. $60

Crye JPC: The Crye JPC has been a hot plate carrier for some time now. Small and agile, it’s trend setting skeleton cumberbund, low profile and light weight make it an exceptional product. $249

TAG Banshee QD: The Banshee is another very lightweight and popular plate carrier. It is similar to the TPC in size and features but includes an external, quick release cumberbund. $250

Bottom Line

If you want a plate carrier that you can don and doff quickly, is concealable and will provide a sturdy platform for your essential gear then get the Pantac TPC. If you want a plate carrier that will be comfortable for days and can carry 80 pounds, this isn’t the droid you’re looking for.

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