Introducing the Milsim Modular Crate System

I have been a fan of Bunkerboxes for some time, but I felt that there was something missing among the designs. I stumbled upon the answer while working with Bunkerboxes owner, Chris to design the Tactical Equipment Locker. I loved the design but could only use the crate for one thing. What it lacked was modular components.

From this realization, the MMCS was born. MMCS items are designed by TMP and hand built in Oklahoma by Bunkerboxes. They are specifically designed to be rugged yet lightweight and extremely versatile. All MMCS crates have been thoroughly tested in the harshest milsim environments and continuously tweaked as we gather customer feedback.

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Skirmish Box

The first crate in the MMCS line is the Skirmish Box. It is sized very similar to the USGI foot locker and includes two removable trays and dividers. Used to carry all the small items that keep you in the game but don’t need to follow you into the field, the Skirmish Box provides hard case, lockable storage to your equipment.

Air Mobile Crate

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The Air Mobile crate is specifically targeted to the milsim player that flies to games. It is sized to give you maximum internal volume without creating oversize baggage fees. Lightweight construction ensures you’ll be able to bring all your kit without going over weight limits and 5 exterior handles that double as tie downs ensure your crate will be carried properly and stay where it’s put. Locking latches keep everything inside and Internal trays and dividers provide numerous options for keeping gear organized and in one piece.

Upon arrival at the game, the air mobile crate flips up on end to provide you with a still lockable shelving unit with which to organize your equipment. In this configuration, removable dividers become shelves and trays become drawers. If space is at a premium, simply set your crate back down and slide it underneath your cot. It’s sized specifically to fit underneath.

Travelling as part of a group? Your air mobile crate can be configured to carry up to 12 rifles or support weapons. Dividers can be removed or additional ones ordered for even more customization. Additionally, all air mobile crate trays can be used in the Skirmish box for easy gear transfer.

Triple Rifle Crate

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We all know that airsoft guns like to break down, and any milsim player worth his salt brings at least two primary guns to the fight. The MMCS Triple Rifle Crate gives you space to carry 3 rifles or two support guns. Interchangeable dividers adjust for different weapon lengths and sizes. Like the Air Mobile Crate, the Triple Rifle Crate can be tipped up on end when at your event to be used as a rifle rack. Alternately, trays and dividers can be inserted to create a similar lockable shelving unit. Like those from the Air Mobile crate, Triple Rifle crate dividers and trays are interchangeable with those from the Skirmish Box.

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