Milsim Specific Rules

The following rules are applicable at TMP Milsim games.


  • Attendees understand that they are participants in a given scenario. They will be pushed and expected to adapt and overcome difficulties that arise within the scope of their scenario.
  • As TMP organizes milsim events, in game leaders are responsible for the actions of their subordinates. This includes the following of all rules, regulations and policies.
  • In the same light, subordinates are expected to obey their leaders within the limits of the milsim simulation.
  • As milsim requires a certain level of maturity, TMP events are limited to persons 18 years of age and older.
  • Persons under the age of 18 may request to attend but will need an adult to supervise them for the duration of the event.
  • TMP events are not weather dependent save for a major safety hazard at the area of operations. Please plan accordingly.


  • No single barreled weapon may fire over 30rps.

Medic Procedure

  • Players will carry two ACE bandages on their person, each 5 feet in length.
  • To heal another player, wrap the entire length of their bandage around their body.
  • All players are medics.

Squad Roles

As part of a squad, you will assume one of the following roles:

  • Rifleman
  • Grenadier (limit 2 per squad)
  • Support Gunner (limit 2 per squad)
  • Designated Marksman (limit 1 per squad)

Sniper Teams

  • Sniper teams consist of two to six players and will be tasked with reconnaissance missions.
  • Minimum one member is required to carry a bolt or other single action rifle. The others may play any of the above roles.
  • Players may only attend as sniper teams once authorized by TMP administrators.


  • There are two ways you can be captured:
  • First, you can give up if someone challenges you.
  • Second, you can be revived (medic rope untied) by the enemy.
  • When captured, you will not try to run away while escorted.
  • You may not kill prisoners. Report all prisoners to higher.
  • You may not be bound, blindfolded or your equipment taken.

When You are Hit

  1. Yell “HIT”, lay down and put your dead rag on. You are now bleeding out and can be searched.
  2. Stay where you were hit for 5 minutes. You may yell “medic” at this time. You may not use the radio for any reason.
  3. Once 5 minutes passes, get up and move to your Forward Operating Base. You are now dead and cannot be searched. Yell “DEAD MAN WALKING” to alert players that you are not in play.
  4. If you reach your FOB and it is under attack, you remain dead until it is secure.
  5. If you reach your FOB and it is secure, you are now alive.

Player Searches

  • You may search a player during their 5 minute bleed out.
  • You may not search a player once they are dead.
  • To search a player, walk up to them and say “I am searching you.”
  • You may then ask them for items or information.
  • You must give up any TMP owned items or props that you have if someone asks for them.

The Forward Operating Base

  • FOBs can be attacked.
  • Incoming fire at the FOB designates the FOB as “contested”. No one may respawn at the FOB while it is contested.
  • Once a FOB is taken (defenders have left or are dead), the enemy has 5 minutes to search players and move off the FOB.
  • Enemy players must move to a different objective after taking the FOB. They may not simply turn around and attack it again.
  • Once the enemy force is out of sight, the FOB is again considered “secure” and can respawn players.