Milsim Sunday Update 6-28-14

This weekend the Coalition launched an all out assault on Pineland. Our sources embedded with U.S. troops reported that units from the 2nd Special Forces Group jumped into Pineland several weeks ago and began working with local assets. Photos that have since streamed from the region show defensive preparations made in small villages and camps throughout rural Pineland.

It would appear that Pineland was preparing a scorched earth defense, ready to destroy anything of value before retreating. Coalition troops reported finding explosives at a major fuel storage facility. Patrols were sent out to find additional explosives but were unable to do so.


Saturday evening, the defenses of one village were put to the test. Elements of the Black Berets surrounded it and began an all out attack. Losses were heavy within the village and it appeared that all was lost.  Just as suddenly as it began, the battle ended and the Black Berets disappeared into the night.

Sunday morning the Coalition struck back, capturing large portions of Pineland’s populated areas. Tragedy struck in the heart of Pineland where 2 members of the 2nd Special Forces group and 4 civilian resistance fighters were killed in a large blast. This was presumably part of the scorched earth policy set in place by the Pineland Army.

The Coalition again struck back, capturing multiple Black Beret units and preventing untold numbers of additional casualties. Coalition EOD technicians have since found explosive devices at major transportation, medical and entertainment facilities. If these had been initiated they would have killed countless Coalition soldiers and innocent civilians.


Currently, the population centers of Pineland are secure in the Coalition’s grasp. Pineland’s army has broken and literally run for the hills, either filtering out of Pineland or moving into it’s more remote regions. Coalition officials maintain that these resistance pockets will be crushed quickly but doubts have been raised that this could turn into a long, drawn out insurgency. Only time will tell.