Milsim Sunday Update 9-14-14

As the week draws to a close, the Coalition forces retain a firm grasp on the major population centers of Pineland. The Pineland is fractured and has been forced into the more secluded regions, but it is far from destroyed.

Our sources within the Coalition advised that a new Forward Operating Base has been set up within Pineland. Patrols sent out from this base have returned with explosive devices that were found in neighboring population centers. Apparently, Pineland forces are still content with killing their own countrymen in order to oust the Coalition. Concern was raised when a plot to capture the commander of the FOB was uncovered, but additional security measures were put in place to prevent such an event.

mashup 1

Early Sunday morning Pineland forces attacked this FOB en masse, injuring two Coalition soldiers and stealing one of the base’s flags. This may have been a diversionary tactic as an explosion around the same time cut off power to two local villages. Troops investigating the incident reported that it was most likely due to a missile strike. Extensive reconstruction will have to take place in order to get the grid back online.

A second attack on the FOB was repelled without casualty. It would appear that this attack’s purposeIMG_2218 was to stop a supply convoy from reaching the FOB but it was simply too late.

Sunday afternoon, Pineland forces leaked photos of a Coalition drone that they had captured, saying that it was proof of the Coalition’s intent to spy on every Pinelander in their homes. This propaganda has already netted some results as the Pineland army was tipped off about an incoming Coalition helicopter. Pineland forces attacked this helicopter as it landed but were pushed back and three Pineland soldiers taken captive. It is unknown at this time whether this helicopter was bringing supplies or something more valuable. This will remain to be seen.


Total score: Coalition: 4   Pineland: 1