Operation Eastwind 7 – My Experience Part 1

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I arrived at D-Day Adventure Park on Thursday, two days before the official start of Eastwind 7. My purpose in this was twofold – first, as the new guy I wanted to do my part in assisting with the camp set up. Secondly, I wanted to give my body a chance to adjust to the cadence of camp life so when the pace started ramping up I would be better prepared.


These days were full of manual labor such as setting up troop tents and hanging the master power line across a large ravine. However, the work was offset by wonderful food at a local diner along with getting to hold a real MG42 and watch it sort of shoot!

I was assigned to the U. S. 1st Squad, fire team B.  Expecting to play as a support gunner as I do in most every other airsoft game, I was surprised to be issued a PRC-77 radio and given the position of squad RTO. Hesitantly I accepted, unsure whether or not I would be able to adapt to using SOI (code words) rather than open speech over the radio. Fortunately, I had attended an Eastwind Comms 1 course so I had a good handle on how the radio worked along with a basic understanding of how to use it and get maximum range in adverse conditions (like fake combat).

1621934_10152176846201865_1792990746_nMy beloved M60 was issued to one of the fire team A guys by the name of Lopez. What he lacked in upper body size he made up for with willingness to learn. He quickly caught on to the concept of suppressive fire and I had no concerns about him being the single source of supporting fire for our squad.

Here is a link to a map – to help you follow along.

Squad 1’s first mission was a route reconnaissance of the northern roads within our AO. We were to confirm that they existed and were suitable for vehicular traffic and search for possible routes accross a ravine. This served as our shakedown patrol and it was much needed. Despite a land nav glitch, we completed our mission and got decently comfortable with one another. We noted that while our overall formations were good, we needed to watch our spacing on hills and in the future coordinate our compass bearing and pace count with simply looking1184861_10152176847596865_701737525_n at the map and the terrain features around us to confirm we were in the right place.

That evening, my squad leader – Spice and I were selected to pull security for a 1 mutt motor recon with our Company Commander and XO. Our primary objective was to investigate some commo wire that we had found on our patrol that morning but we also scouted several additional routes in West Germany. We also entered the airport and snuck into one of the towers to observe the boarder, looking for signs of vehicle or foot traffic. All in all it was quite fun despite our driver having a death wish…

Upon our return the order came down that we would be goggles on at midnight. Everyone expected the war to go hot soon after.

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 Photos by Eightball, Hoober and Mercy.


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