Milsim Sunday Update 10-19-14

Pineland officials have paraded one of their soldiers through the streets today claiming that they rescued him from a maximum security Coalition base. However, our sources within the Coalition state that while one Pineland soldierĀ managed to escape, two others have been detained for questioning.


Reporters embedded with coalition troops documented the restoration of a town in Pineland. Troops escorted civilian workers into the town to make the repairs. Unfortunately, the entire work crew was killed in an attack.

IMG_2411Other sources spoke of a battle ensuing after the Coalition attempted to disarm an IED north of the town. Wounded soldiers arrived at local hospitals and the unit was pulled back to safety.

IMG_2413Rumors of a failed attempt to capture a high ranking Pineland officer have been circulating through the Coalition ranks. It is unknown at this time what unit was tasked with the undertaking but an investigation has been opened.


Coalition extracted 2/3 prisoners: 2 points.

Pineland rescued 1/3 prisoners: 1 point

Coalition escorted contractors but both died: 1 point

Pineland attacked and killed contractors but failed to blow up the hospital or photo recon the Coalition unit: 0 points

Pineland planted anĀ IED but defended the area rather than ambushing the Coalition unit: 1 point

Coalition did not diffuse IED: 0 points

Pineland defended their VIP in the town and extracted him to the parking lot: 2 points

Coalition failed VIP snatch and did not prevent VIP from reaching parking lot: 0 points

Pineland: 4 points, Coalition: 3