Milsim Sunday Update 11-16-14

Over the course of 10624793_972388344592_501878233305526525_nNovember, the Coalition has steadily patrolled the civilian centers of Pineland. However, rumors have been circulating that one of Pineland’s top scientists may have escaped the region and may still be  allied with the Pineland resistance. The Coalition has stated that is has an open investigation searching for various native Pinelanders of particular interest. When questioned on the topic, a Coalition spokesperson ignored the question and went on to comment on the Coalition’s efforts to reinforce civilian infrastructure. In particular, they have been 1010116_972388564152_6561359964690440433_nmaking some serious upgrades to the local power plant. The Coalition has gone on to say that they have killed or captured a large number of Pineland insurgents this month, preventing untold numbers of civilian casualties.

Pineland resistance Photo Nov 09, 1 17 01 PMfighters blame the Coalition for a large blast at the power plant this month. They have produced photos showing slain Coalition soldiers carrying bomb making materials and as proof. However, certain back channel assets have leaked that Pineland recently acquired knowledge of how to build small dirty bombs which supports the rumors coming out of the Coalition. Furthermore, amateur video footage shows Pineland troops transporting computer equipment that looks to be damaged from an explosion. We have not been able to obtain a copy of this footage as of this point.

Coalition Missions:

  • Patrolled Town
  • Patrolled Village
  • Failed to capture traitor
  • Transported supplies to power plant
  • Failed to protect power plant
  • Failed to exfil sensitive items from blast site
  • Prevented Pineland from setting up FOB within Pineland

                                                                                   Total: 4 Points

Pineland Missions:

  • Located VIP
  • Escorted VIP out of Pineland
  • Assembled dirty bomb
  • Destroyed town power plant
  • Exfilled sensitive items from blast site
  • Gathered intelligence on Coalition members responding to blast.
  • Cached supplies at village
  • Failed to establish and defend FOB at village

                                                                                    Total: 7 Points