Milsim Sunday Update 1-25-15

IMG_2782Pineland forces opened the new year with a fresh offensive into the heart of their nation. Sources say they are in the planning stages of a full scale invasion targeting major population centers, but Coalition representatives claim this is impossible.

The latest satellite maps of the AO show that significant improvements have been made to area roads. It is unclear at this time whether the Coalition or Pineland forces have done this and for what reason, but it is foretelling nonetheless.

IMG_2743The Coalition has claimed that it has restored power to the entirety of Pineland at this time despite several attacks on key infrastructure points by Pineland forces. It has also launched the construction of a new oil field to bring prosperity to the land. Everything appears to be solidly under Coalition control and all objectives proceeding on time.

IMG_2742However, private sources on the ground paint a decidedly different picture. Civil unrest is brewing in the face of repeated Pineland attacks. Utilities are restored every time they are destroyed, but continual attacks make them unreliable. Is the Coalition on the brink of losing control? You decide.