Milsim Sunday Update 3-1-15

IMG_0121Our primary news update this month actually comes from a previously uninvolved nation. Appalachia, a country just to the east of Pineland has recently undergone serious pressure from it’s citizens to make all efforts to keep the Pineland/Coalition conflict from spilling into their country. Answering this call, they have released the following statement:

      “People of Appalachia, we are pleased to announce that we are working hand in hand with both the Coalition and Pineland forces to resolve this conflict. We are going to great lengths to ensure that their conflict stays within the natural borders of Pineland IMG_0184and that the security of our citizens is guaranteed.”

Contacts within the Coalition have been stonewalling all questions concerning Appalachia’s involvement in the conflict and possible resolution. However, statements from boots on the ground indicate that Appalachia may instead be mounting an offensive rather than simply trying to protect their borders. Several reports concerning the massacre of a Coalition unit and it’s commanding officer have been circulating but again the Coalition has no official comment.

On the otherIMG_0105 hand, the Coalition has been quite vocal concerning a new pipeline they have engineered. They say this will provide the people of Pineland with jobs and revenue to better their quality of life. Interestingly enough, the Coalition is retaining control of the pipeline rather than turning it over to local government. When asked, we were advised this was because the political environment in Pineland was very unstable and the people deserve someone who can provide stability to be over the pipeline project.

Pineland forces have strangely been silent this month after several swift victories in the month of January – they could not be reached for comment at this time.