Milsim Sunday Update 3-29-15

Despite severe weather hitting Pineland from all sides, the winter lull is over and the fighting season is back in full swing. Pineland forces have been able to make some serious headway and have incited several pitched battles.


In an astonishing turn of events the Coalition has announced that they are pulling out. In a press conference, they claimed that they have accomplished all objectives, removing the government of Pineland so that the people may rebuild. The spokesperson reminded the world that nation building was never announced as an official objective. However, no responses were given to questions concerning strong implications that the Coalition would, IMG_0241in fact rebuild Pineland as part of their campaign to enable the people to “make their own path.”

Rumors have spread that they may have aligned with local separatist groups within Pineland. Several groups have alleged that the Coalition is simply turning the war over to these groups and have in essence, sold the people of Pineland down the river. The Coalition was not willing to comment on any of this.IMG_0278

Either way, with the Coalition pulling out, Pineland will be forced to fend for herself to keep hold of her rich oil and other natural resources. Surely, neighboring nations and non-national groups will be watching closely.