Operation Eastwind 8 AAR Part 6

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Map to help you follow along

0676 - DyWRzBRUnfortunately, while we set out on our company wide freedom assault – US first squad was getting hammered just a few hundred meters west of our objective on HWY 27. This just so happens to be the same location that we had been ambushed two nights before and was very close to where we had made visual contact on the first day. Because of all this, it was decided we would push into that area and show the Communists what we look like when they don’t catch us with our pants down.

Our squad, along with the 1st Canadian section were dispatched back to the north end of the airfield. We would clear the treeline to the west of the airfield from north to south, turn northwest and clear either side 0267 - b73T0lwof HWY 27 all the way to 7010, 5052. At this point we would move east, back to the airfield to pick up our vehicles and move back to base.

Once we began our push we made contact almost immediately with a small 2 or 3 man Russian element. Whenever contact was made, they would fall back and we would push up until contact was made 0527 - UMisoQ9again. This game played out several times until we made our turn to the NW.

We placed the Canadian section on the east side of the road and our squad took the west. Each group was on line, meaning that I had friendlies to my direct left and direct right, but no one in front or behind me. This formation is very useful for attacking because everyone can shoot to the front and it creates natural lanes for people to move forward in. However, it is rather difficult to keep larger groups in this formation 0245 - anBMpRtas people will inevitably have to go around obstacles and speed up or slow down to stay in line.

However, we kept in constant communication, pausing often to ensure everyone was in the right place and so we could look and listen for enemy. When we reached our limit of advance, we all simply made a right turn and were now in a column file (one in front of the other) and we moved east back to the airfield on a small trail.

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Thanks to Arbee for the use of his photos!