How To: Mission Briefing

Here’s a quick video of one of the mission briefings that took place at Operation Eastwind 8. My purpose in sharing it with you is twofold – if you’re a small unit leader, take notes! This section (yes, section, not squad; they are Canadian forces) On the other hand, if you’re a milsim event promoter/host/coordinator – please provide time in the mission tempo and encourage individual units to go through the OPORD/Mission Briefing process. It not only gets everyone on the same page, it reinforces a mission first mindset, helps everyone to get into the the scenario and enables higher and other units to understand your mission and how it relates to theirs. A few other items of note are as follows:

  • The US soldiers in the background (Woodland camo) are members of US 2nd squad (if you’ll remember from the video, they’ll be operating south of this section). It’s very prudent for them to pay attention to when and where this Canadian section will be in relation to their mission to avoid any friendly fire. Additionally, the US squad’s RTO could be memorizing the Canadian squad’s radio code words so they could have a better understanding of what’s going on while they monitor the net on mission.
  • Note that in the background is the com box for this company TOC. One of the duty section exits with a fax, hands it off to a command staff member and returns. Those faxes contained communication with higher (brigade, regiment, etc). What you DO NOT SEE is a brightly clad admin run in with “orders”. Why is this important when we all know an admin is on the other end of that fax machine? It simply helps us all stay in the mindset of the scenario and experience it rather than try to play a game.
  • The Sergeant seated directly opposite to the cameraman is the Command Sergeant Major of the company, not a member of the patrol. What you are seeing is not only the section leader brief his guys, but he is also briefing the command staff of his intended actions. Again, this helps everyone stay on the same page with so many moving parts.

Please note, if you do not receive this level of information from your unit’s mission briefing: you are a) not in a mission briefing; b) not at a milsim event; or c) need a new unit leader.