Safariland Holster Modifications

Recently I picked up a new to me holster and wanted to give it a lower profile than the basket weave black plastic it was molded in. As you can see, I painted my previous holster for the same reason but this time I wanted to try something different. I’ve noticed that Safariland now offers holsters covered in fabric in a verity of colors and camouflage patterns. Of course, with a little fabric and glue it seemed that I could have the same effect on my own.

First a short back story; Over time I’ve noticed that noise plays a huge part in concealment. It’s not always critical to emit zero noise, but anything unnatural will stand out immediately. One of the most obnoxious noises is a branch thwacking against something plastic, it really stands out in the woods. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend several events where I had my hands on night vision and have paid special attention to how items that may be well camouflaged to the naked eye in daytime aren’t necessarily so when viewed in infrared. Something I’ve especially noticed is that most plastics have an unnatural sheen which is accentuated under low light and night vision. While not perfect, appropriately dyed fabric is much harder to detect, thus my current project without further a-due.

I acquired some ranger green cordura and got to work. After cutting a rough shape and removing all screws, I adhered the fabric to the holster starting along the body side, wrapping around the front and back again to the back. I glue each piece incrementally, making sure that the fabric followed the contours of the holster, I used rubber bands and paper clips to hold the fabric in place while glue dried.

Once cured, I used an Exacto knife to trim off the extra fabric and cut holes for the hardware. I painted the SLS hood and guard to match and reinstalled everything. Ultimately, I’m very happy with the results. The holster blends well with the rest of my kit and I think it looks great. That said, there are a couple smudges on the outside left by glue seeping all the way through the fabric. The only regret I have is using normal gorilla glue. Gorilla glue, while perfect for bonding fabric to plastic, expands when it dries – and this puffed the fabric up in a couple areas which took away from some of the professional, “factory” look. All said and done, I’m glad to have done this mod, and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to another holster.