Why Teams are Killing Milsim

Do I have your attention? Good. All I ask is that you hear me out and read this article to the end before you draw your conclusions.

Let me first say that this is not an argument against teams. I am part of a team and have been for several years. On the flip side, this is a warning that milsim within the airsoft community will die if the following attitude is allowed to prevail:

“I’ll only come if my team is going.”

So what’s the big deal? The big deal is that this attitude holds the top echelon of each team from advancing. Every team has a few guys that are serious about improving themselves. They want to go to that training class and they want to go to that next level of milsim game. However, they don’t simply because the rest of their team won’t go.

As a result, the lower echelons of teams and therefore the milsim community drives the teams’ event locations. Because of this, event coordinators create more events that cater to the less serious milsim players and that becomes the main stream milsim. This happens over and over, and eventually the community declines to a point where milsim simply becomes dressing up in a military uniform and playing airsoft.

So how do we prevent the death of milsim?

Lead! If you want to train, then seek out training and attend regardless of who else is going! If you want to play at that next level milsim game then go! Teams used to be leaders within milsim, pushing the limits and continually improving their own skill, forcing others to do the same to keep pace. There’s no reason this can’t be the case again but it begins with individual players making the decision to push themselves rather than follow the masses.

If you don’t, those still pushing the envelope will move on to another avenue of training and the milsim we enjoy will continue to fade into a fancy dress up version of airsoft.