Safariland Holster Modifications

Recently I picked up a new to me holster and wanted to give it a lower profile than the basket weave black plastic it was molded in. As you can see, I painted my previous holster for the same reason but this time I wanted to try something different. I’ve noticed that Safariland now offers holsters covered in fabric in a verity of colors and camouflage patterns. Of course, with a little fabric and glue it seemed that I could have the same effect on my own.

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My Current Load Carry System

I originally took these photos to illustrate my load carry system for a friend whom was disusing the details with me (photo quality excuse!). Since then I’ve had enough people ask similar questions that I just decided to toss them up here so they are easier to share online. What follows is my load carry system as of March 2016:

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What is a Medic Rope?

Medic ropes are a simple and effective way to simulate combat casualties and to keep track of how many lives you have left in a milsim environment. photo 1 (2)They are quite simple, any rope or cord will do. I find a length of 12-18 inches to be an ideal length. I like to keep my medic rope attached to my load bearing equipment but some keep them in a pouch or pocket. Prior to the beginning of a game, tie a knot for each life that you have. When you get hit, a medic can simply untie one knot. When you are out of knots, you are dead and must respawn at the appropriate location.

PASGT Helmet Face Lift

I’ll be wearing the venerable PASGT helmet for 9 days this upcoming March. I’ll have the possibility of all night and overnight missions during which I’ll be using night vision goggles so comfort is very important to me. I’m well aware that the PASGT helmet as issued was known for sliding fore and aft with movement, so I also wanted to stabilize it.

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DIY Multicam Pattern by Randy Jacob

TMP takes absolutely no credit for the following information. We found it via a post by local milsim player Archer. Thanks to YouTube user Randy Jacob for posting it! I have provided a link as opposed to posting the video here as his comments request as seen below.

DIY Multicam Pattern by Randy Jacob

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ALICE Pack and Fighting Load Modifications

The modern soldier has hundreds- if not thousands- of specialized pouches that he (and the occasional she) can choose to carry their equipment. However, this was not always the case. The #1 complaint I hear about the ALICE system is that there are not enough types of pouches. Now, this is true- there are only a handful of pouches and the ALICE system was never as diverse as the MOLLE system we use today. But the basic design of ALICE is very sound and the price hard to beat. That said, the following are some modifications that will greatly increase your comfort and the usability of the ALICE system.

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