Introducing the Milsim Modular Crate System

I have been a fan of Bunkerboxes for some time, but I felt that there was something missing among the designs. I stumbled upon the answer while working with Bunkerboxes owner, Chris to design the Tactical Equipment Locker. I loved the design but could only use the crate for one thing. What it lacked was modular components.

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Milsim Sunday Announcement

TMP is excited to announce we will be holding monthly Milsim Sunday events at the LZ in Skiatook, Oklahoma! Individual event dates, time hacks and assigned radio channels will be announced on the Impact Tactical and TMP Facebook pages.

Milsim Sundays will begin with a short safety briefing, followed by a short planning period to allow the leaders of each faction to coordinate and plan. Games will run until lunch, when we will take a 1 hour break. Teams will then switch sides and play the opposition to the missions that they ran in the morning. Note, objectives may move or change slightly from morning to afternoon.

We will be using the entirety of the LZ for these games. Players are expected to be in good physical condition and to carry the appropriate amount of water and food for their needs. We will be using the TMP set of rules available here. Notable changes from the standard LZ ruleset include:

  • Only support weapons may fire on full auto.
  • No magazine or BB limit. Mid and real capacity magazines are preferred.
  • Players must have a medic rope to be revived.
  • Vehicles are welcome, but non-armored vehicles can be disabled by small arms fire.
  • No minimum engagement distance for assault rifles, shotguns or pistols.
  • Grenades and 40mm rounds are an instant kill inside a room. Outside they must cause a BB strike.
  • You do not have to take a safety kill.
  • Lay down when you die.
  • Limit 2 support weapons per squad (one per fire team).
  • Polar Star weapons are limited to .3g and lighter BBs.
  • Sniper teams must be approved by TMP prior to the event.

We’ll see you in the field!