Greatness by David Marquet

This is an excellent session on leadership. I have watched leaders time and time again attempt to husband information and control every aspect of the unit or mission they are over. David Marquet turns this on it’s head and discusses how he was able to get his team on track in an extremely short amount of time and move on to be one of the most effective units in the Navy.

Walk the Walk: The Critical Walk Phase

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an experienced instructor. That said, I’ve attended various types of training classes most of my life so I do have a bit of experience being a student. One of the major things I’ve learned is that I retain information best when given the opportunity to use it soon after I’ve learned it – and the most effective teaching method I’ve encountered is known as crawl, walk, run.

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Milsim ADD and You

We all know that a day in the life of a soldier is not always fun. In a simulated military environment, the unplesent factors are still there though they are often minimized to some extent. Weather, logistics, your mission and the enemy all have a say in your level of comfort and general happiness at the moment. As such you just might find yourself cold, sweaty, in pain, or heaven forbid…..bored.

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Embrace The Suck: Why we need it and why it must be embraced

Every milsim player has heard the phrase “embrace the suck”. We’ve commercialized the saying to the Nth degree, plastering it on our uniforms and equipment. However, from what I’ve observed very few of the community actually do as the slogan says.

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Long Range Surveillance in Germany

For who don’t know, I’m a bit of a history buff and I enjoy integrating historical information into how I play milsim games. Over the course of some research I was doing on the Cold War I came across two Long Range Surveillance Companies that were deployed in Germany during this period. Would the Cold War have heated up they would have been sent deep into communist Europe to find targets of importance for their commanders and report back. These units are the direct descendants of the famous Long Rang Reconnaissance Patrols of the Vietnam War. Since they were deactivated, the long range surveillance mission has mostly been handed over to the special operations community due to the type of soldier and training required.

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Patrolling Quick Reference Sheet

Thanks to local milsim player Dave for finding this file. We were not able to find the author so we cannot give credit to them but this quick reference sheet looks to be of great value to the small unit leader or anyone wanting a quick reminder of the basics in the field.

The web page this is posted on is located here. When printed it will fit on a single legal size page.

Alternately, you can print from the below .pdf file. It is in two letter sized pages.

Patroling, Orders & Terms