What is Milsim?

“I never intended to put on a game, my purpose was to provide an experience to the participants. That drove everything.”

A good friend of mine who has been organizing milsim events for years told me this once and it really hit home. To me, this is what milsim is. Milsim is played with many platforms, and it manifests in many ways but boiled down, the focus of milsim is to undergo a specific type of experience not found in other hobbies or sports.

Personally, this creates a stiff internal competition.  I enjoy a good challenge and those presented in the milsim environment drive me to improve not just in game specific skills but to become a more capable human overall. In game, this displays as an intense focus on the mission and my personal performance.

So why do I even bring this up? My reason is twofold:

First; I felt it was important for a blog called “The Milsim Perspective” to have some sort of statement on what we consider milsim to be.

Second; it is because I continually hear players and promoters ask how they can improve their games, attract more players to milsim and grow their business. I feel that this is the solution – stop producing games and provide experiences. Breed a culture of introspection and personal development and you’ll see not only the desired outcomes but a steep decline in the cheating, bickering, griping, rule lawyering and gaming that are becoming synonymous with the very mention of various “milsim” promoters.


Milsim ADD and You

We all know that a day in the life of a soldier is not always fun. In a simulated military environment, the unplesent factors are still there though they are often minimized to some extent. Weather, logistics, your mission and the enemy all have a say in your level of comfort and general happiness at the moment. As such you just might find yourself cold, sweaty, in pain, or heaven forbid…..bored.

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Embrace The Suck: Why we need it and why it must be embraced

Every milsim player has heard the phrase “embrace the suck”. We’ve commercialized the saying to the Nth degree, plastering it on our uniforms and equipment. However, from what I’ve observed very few of the community actually do as the slogan says.

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TMP 2013 Review

Well another year has come and gone and with it TMP’s first year as a company.  To all the people in the 101 nations who visited TMP in 2013 I say thank you very much! I hope that TMP has fulfilled it’s purpose and enabled you to grow in your quest to be a better milsim player.

Our ALICE modification article came out on top this year with over 2,400 views. Second and third were our G&P Stoner review and Elite Force 1911 review. Because of this popularity, we’ll be sure to have more gear mods and weapon reviews for you in 2014.

The future is bright for TMP! We start 2014 with exciting new products and articles on the horizon. We will begin holding events in 2014 as well so keep your eye out for those. We look forward to what this year holds for us and hope you’ll learn something every time you visit one of our pages.  Thanks for all the support and we’ll see you in the field.

Firing Position Do’s and Don’ts

As I browse through photos of recent ops I am flabbergasted at the number of photos I see of players standing in the open and firing at someone. Do they not realize that with a little effort they could have a much better chance of shooting their opposition without getting shot themselves? Perhaps this is simply a piece of the online gaming industry creeping into milsim but it’s one that needs to go.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Pantac TPC Giveaway!

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In order to promote the TMP website and TMP Milsim Training Day on August 18th, TMP is giving away one Pantac Capsule Pack. If the TMP Facebook page accumulates more than 300 likes by August 18, an additional winner will be chosen to receive a Pantac Tactical Plate Carrier!

Winners will be randomly selected at the TMP Milsim Training Day. You do not have to be present to win.

To Enter the Giveaway:

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  2. Go to The Milsim Perspective website and “Subscribe Via Email” on the right side of the home page.
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  1. Must “like” the Facebook page AND sign up for email updates.
  2. Only emails ending in “.com” will qualify.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. The TMP Facebook page must have 300 likes by 0000hrs on 18 August 2013 to activate the TPC prize.
  5. TPC prize includes plate carrier only.