The Airsoft Sniper: What it is and What it isn’t

Let’s imagine you are a sniper in an airsoft game. Partnered with your spotter, you are given a near impossible task: Take out the enemy commander.  You decide to attempt this while the commander is still in his base and you need to do so as quickly as possible. Study of the local terrain leads you to shows you a quick approach that also gives you good cover and an excellent place to fire from. Everything is set. The game begins and you both move out, following a small trail. Suddenly you hear a twig snap; enemy in sight! You slowly lower yourself to the ground and your ghillie suit blends in perfectly with the surrounding terrain. You watch as a full squad walks within spitting distance from you and your spotter, never suspecting you are there. Once they pass, you continue your approach to the enemy base, quickly maneuvering into position and get eyes on your target. A couple minutes later the commander walks out from his bunker, giving you a clear shot. Breathe out, squeeze the trigger, and release. A perfect goggle hit! The enemy base erupts into chaos, and you sneak off into the woods never to be seen again.

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The Airsoft Automatic Weapon Operators Guide by ardrummer292

Please note, none of the following is my own material. This has been copied in its entirety to assist more airsoft and milsim players in their quest to be an automatic weapon operator. I take absolutely no credit for its contents. 


Original text and editing by ardrummer292
Contributions by navymp28, Panzergraf, Big D, AustinWolv
Pictures courtesy of Military Photos, Wikipedia, Appslapp, Panzergraf, Lord Sex, Kelly Watson, Military Morons, Arktis, Original SOE, Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor, Eagle Industries, CSM Gear, Military Photos, Konstipation, ardrummer292

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