The following are links to websites or specific pages that I believe would be beneficiary to you as you strive to take your Milsim to the next level.


American Milsim

AMS hosts and creators of high intensity, large scale milsim operations around the United States. They also have a very active forum at the above link.

KDog Action Photography

Making milsim players look good since 2007.

Oklahoma Airsoft Forums

Every milsim player needs a community. If you live in or near Oklahoma, this one is yours.

Olive Drab Journal

This website contains numerous articles and multimedia presentations that cover many aspects of milsim tactics. This is a must read!

Operation East Wind

Want a taste of what the military is like for a week without a threat of dying? This op is held once yearly and is a fully immersive op (that means the game is “hot” 24 hours a day for the duration of the op). Eat, sleep and breathe milsim. This op is in a class of its own. They also have a sizable community on their forums.



As seen in my review, Bunkerboxes builds very high quality cases, crates and other items pertinent to milsim. Check them out! Mention this referral and receive $5 off your order!