Interested in Joining a Team? How to Stand Out

I am a member of the Oklahoma Badland Regulators airsoft team. I love playing airsoft as part of a team and in my opinion it is what makes the game really worth playing. Since joining, people have asked me what our team looks for in new recruits and because of this I feel it is a good idea to share some general pointers on how to get noticed by a team.  This is simply what I consider to be good attributes for someone looking for any team to have; it’s not like I’m in charge of recruiting for OBR anyways!

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The Airsoft Automatic Weapon Operators Guide by ardrummer292

Please note, none of the following is my own material. This has been copied in its entirety to assist more airsoft and milsim players in their quest to be an automatic weapon operator. I take absolutely no credit for its contents. 


Original text and editing by ardrummer292
Contributions by navymp28, Panzergraf, Big D, AustinWolv
Pictures courtesy of Military Photos, Wikipedia, Appslapp, Panzergraf, Lord Sex, Kelly Watson, Military Morons, Arktis, Original SOE, Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor, Eagle Industries, CSM Gear, Military Photos, Konstipation, ardrummer292

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DIY Paracord Mag Pulls

A mag pull (not to be confused with the brand Magpul or any of their products) is simply a device attached to the bottom of a magazine that aids in extracting it from a pouch. This is desirable because it speeds up your reload and decreases the amount of time that your weapon is without ammo. For those who aren’t interested in spending upwards of $20 to put a handle on each of their mags there is a cheap, simple and very effective solution. Just follow these simple steps:

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