DIY Paracord Mag Pulls

A mag pull (not to be confused with the brand Magpul or any of their products) is simply a device attached to the bottom of a magazine that aids in extracting it from a pouch. This is desirable because it speeds up your reload and decreases the amount of time that your weapon is without ammo. For those who aren’t interested in spending upwards of $20 to put a handle on each of their mags there is a cheap, simple and very effective solution. Just follow these simple steps:

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It Begins.

My purpose in starting this website/blog is to create a single place that I can collect my experiences with gear and in turn create an information hub to those looking to learn the smart way rather than the hard way.  My reviews are aimed towards the airsoft/milsim player but I will also review items that are used in a multitude of other activities. I will also be posting first impressions on gear (teasers for upcoming full reviews) as well as DIY projects. Feel free to drop me a comment or have me review something that you have made but be prepared for the bad to come out with the good!

Addition: I will also have a section called Dirtpro’s Cents. Be prepared for some thicker conversations, in your face articles/commentary and brainstorming sessions.