ALICE Pack Tips and Modifications

Below are tips referring to the ALICE rucks. Please note, I do not take credit for the modifications listed below. I’ve collected them from various sources including the “Ranger Digest” series of books by Rick Tscherne. Also thanks to local Milsim player Dave for his first hand insight into this topic and Davis Winborne for his photos.

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Training vs. Simulation : Authenticity vs Realism

War Nerds has done it again. This discussion helps to both explain and define several terms that are often misconstrued and thrown about  in and around the milsim world. I admit, I’ve misunderstood some of these terms myself and this article helped clear things up for me. It’s definitely worth a read.

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Communication Breakdown Part 2

War Nerds continue their in depth discussion of tactical communications in part two. Their part 2 introduction speaks for itself:

“In Part 1 of this series, we framed the SOI as to its use and focused on the portions that do not involve a radio.  Building upon that knowledge, we’ll discuss Call Signs, Encryption Code/Authentication Tables, and Brevity Codes.  Each of these is a must when communicating over a radio in order to keep your message ambiguous to any unwanted listening ear.

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Communications Breakdown Part 1

Communication is one of the 3 most basic pillars of all things related to fighting. “Shoot. Move. Communicate.” Without communication, shooting and moving are a waste of energy. War Nerds has done a great job of explaining this in detail, and this first installment focuses on the use of SOI.

The ability to communicate effectively is arguably the most important asset to any entity seeking to obtain a certain goal.  Without communication the ability to relay ideas and goals to coworkers and teammates is nullified…Establishing a pattern or sequence for communication allows us to communicate successfully with other teammates. Standardizing communication is especially important because we may not even know those receiving our message very well. If communication was not standardized, efficiencies of time and message would be lost.

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What is Milsim?

“I never intended to put on a game, my purpose was to provide an experience to the participants. That drove everything.”

A good friend of mine who has been organizing milsim events for years told me this once and it really hit home. To me, this is what milsim is. Milsim is played with many platforms, and it manifests in many ways but boiled down, the focus of milsim is to undergo a specific type of experience not found in other hobbies or sports.

Personally, this creates a stiff internal competition.  I enjoy a good challenge and those presented in the milsim environment drive me to improve not just in game specific skills but to become a more capable human overall. In game, this displays as an intense focus on the mission and my personal performance.

So why do I even bring this up? My reason is twofold:

First; I felt it was important for a blog called “The Milsim Perspective” to have some sort of statement on what we consider milsim to be.

Second; it is because I continually hear players and promoters ask how they can improve their games, attract more players to milsim and grow their business. I feel that this is the solution – stop producing games and provide experiences. Breed a culture of introspection and personal development and you’ll see not only the desired outcomes but a steep decline in the cheating, bickering, griping, rule lawyering and gaming that are becoming synonymous with the very mention of various “milsim” promoters.


Safariland Holster Modifications

Recently I picked up a new to me holster and wanted to give it a lower profile than the basket weave black plastic it was molded in. As you can see, I painted my previous holster for the same reason but this time I wanted to try something different. I’ve noticed that Safariland now offers holsters covered in fabric in a verity of colors and camouflage patterns. Of course, with a little fabric and glue it seemed that I could have the same effect on my own.

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Greatness by David Marquet

This is an excellent session on leadership. I have watched leaders time and time again attempt to husband information and control every aspect of the unit or mission they are over. David Marquet turns this on it’s head and discusses how he was able to get his team on track in an extremely short amount of time and move on to be one of the most effective units in the Navy.